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The Rossana Bath Tub from Bathx is a freestanding multicolored Bath Tub which gives your bathroom a touch of personification & sophistication combined.The Rossana comes in a multicolored pattern of red (on the inside) & White (on the outside).

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Features of Rossana Bath Tub from Bathx

One of the main features of the Rossana Bath Tub from Bathx is its multicolored pattern, Due to its multicolored pattern of Red (inside) & White (outside), Rossana gives you the feel of luxury and elegance to your bathroom.

Due to its Freestanding feature, Rossana gives you the freedom of moving the tub from one place to another according to your comfort. Also, Rossana weighs much lesser than any other traditional Bath Tubs, Rossana also comes with a large faucet attached along for a royal touch to your bathroom.

One of another reason why you should choose Rossana is that due to its freestanding feature there is no need for creating extra space in your bathroom for your Bath Tub.

Rossana The Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many sources. But when we dig deeper into what pushes us to new heights and look at things from a different perspective – we always come to know that the true inspiration comes from within ourselves.

Which is why Rossana was made from the best source of inspiration. We created Rossana keeping in mind your unique personality, your discerning tastes, and your lifestyle expectations. We at BathX provide you a range of products that are the best in adding sophistication and elegance to your home.

We at Bathx always puts our customers first, which is why bathx customers choose us as their own. Our products are designed by people who knows our customer and their needs, their expertise has made bathx one of the top in India

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