Intelligent Toilets from Bathx (Is it the Future of Toilets)

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Intelligent toilets are toilets that are fully automated, automated in the sense that it can do all the basic things like flushing, washing, and cleaning on its own | Intelligent Toilets from Bathx

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Advantages & Features

In Japan major parts of the Public toilets are automated. Not only in Japan there are many countries that now have automated intelligent toilets placed in public and private spaces. Intelligent Toilets from Bathx can be seen in most of the homes in Kerala

Obviously Intelligent toilets hold a significant amount of advantages compared to the traditional toilets, why? because it’s intelligent. Nowadays everything is better when it’s Smart Smart Phones, Smart Home, Smart Television, Smart Car’s,Smart Wearable Gadget’s the list goes on and on….

One of the main advantages of using an intelligent smart toilet is that it does not need to be touched and one of the main concerns of using a traditional toilet is that it needs to be touched, Intelligent toilets can solve this problem without any question.

Intelligent toilets are filled with lots of features, features that will make the traditional toilets look very bad 🚽 👎. The main features provided by manufacturers are -:

Intelligent Toilet TRO from Bathx Bath ware Model Number	HB8113
  • Automated Electronic bidet shower (adjustable) for the front (female) and rear.
  • Seat-warming Technology.
  • Personalized Music system.
  • Adjustable water temperature system.
  • In-Built Deodorizer.
  • Air dryer (adjustable – may differ from variants).
  • Water-Conservative.
  • Illuminating nightlight (also differ according to variants).

Now all of these features can be controlled using your Smart Phones, Voice Commands or Remote Control Navigation, I know Right!

Do Intelligent Toilets hold the Future?

Well, it depends on many factors such as the price, maintenance, compatibility, etc… I don’t see any factors other than this stopping intelligent toilets replacing traditional toilets. So get ready for the future of intelligent toilets.

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