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Inspiration can come from many sources around us.But when we dewel deeper into what gives us ideas pushes us to new heights and helps us see things from a different perspective – we realise that true inspiration comes from within.

Therefore Bathx products are made from the best source of inspiration – you our every design.Surface, glass and finish has been created keeping in mind your unique personality, your discerning tastes and your life style expectations. Bathx bathware stands for a range of products that are perfect for adding sophistication and elegance to your bathrooms and homes.



Elegance is an attitude-a natural expression of an inner fire, a drive to cultivate the highest aesthetic senses; an unceasing quest for the finer things in life. It is, ultimately, a persona that revels in being rooted and yet contemporary, instinctive and yet distinct, sophisticated and yet charged an exciting amalgam of opposites that lends itself to an outward manifestation that is simple and yet stylish.

The aesthete, the cognoscenti want such flair for living to show up in their lifestyle. This includes, more than ever before, their bathroom ware.

BATHX bathroom ware celebrates lifestyles that exude elegance. It is a stunning spread of designs that invite you to express yourself.


” Build a powerful enterprise in global bathware industry, create a world famous brand and develop an everlasting Bathx.”


” Seek common development and create a win – win situation with customer’s, make fortune for shareholder’s, seek common prosperity with employees, and create harmony for the society. “


” Provide high quality, environment – friendly, water – saving, energy – saving, serial and complete bathware products with complete functions to global users and decorate comfortable and warm living space.”


Quality is a ceaseless quest to do better every time-be it newer designs,superior craftsmanship, more cost effective technology more rational pricing or greater product accessibility among customers.quality customers delight being the ultimate goal, the focus will always be processes that turn out exciting products, towards this end, a perpetual endeavor will be to make systemic improvements, nurture innovation and pool in the finest human resources, so that excellence prevails in every aspect of the business.